Decorating On A Budget: Part 1

Let’s see how far we can take this series. :)

Not everyone can afford anything that they fancy. It is therefore always wise to stick to your budget and buy only what you can afford and that applies to decorating our homes. Of course we don’t need to tell you that but we’re sure that there’s something else that we can share with you and they are these handy tips to decorating on a budget:

Buy in bulk. Surely there’s no sense in buying in bulk if you only have on home to decorate right? In fact, this is not the thing you would do if you are on a budget. But, what about buying in bulk with your friends? Ask around if any of your friends are doing some shopping and if their needs are somewhat related to yours, meaning you can buy from one store, you can do bulk purchases to avail of discounts.

Put your printer to work. Instead of buying wall art pieces, simply browse the Internet for photos you would like to hang on your wall, print it up, frame it and voila!, a new wall accent piece. If you want bigger wall art pieces though, you would have to outsource the printing.

Make your own vase. You do not even have to have glass blowing equipment and the know-how. Simply find an unusually shaped glass bottle, pick a color or two of enamel paint, grab some brushes and jazz the bottles up.

Houseplants air purifier. Why spray chemicals inside your home when you can keep it fresh by having plants inside? Find the perfect houseplants for your home, make your own plant stand from scraps lying around in your work shed, and let the plants purify the air inside your home.

Stay tuned for more of these tips on the second part of our Decorating On A Budget segment.

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One Response to Decorating On A Budget: Part 1

  1. Dave says:

    These are all really good tips because I only really need to quickly patch up my home to make it more sellable. I recently got a house valuation and the estate agent told me to make it look more homely to attract potential buyers. I’ll probably still need some help from friends but this blogs given me some good ideas, thanks for the post.

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