How to Decorate Small Rooms

Not all rooms in your home are large enough to give you the liberty to decorate it anyway you want without having to deal with limited space. Decorating small rooms could be difficult since you are aiming to complete the room’s furnishing to make it more functional but, by doing so, you would end up with an otherwise congested space leaving some furniture blocking the way. To keep a small space roomy is quite an impossible statement. However, if you know how to decorate and arranged the furniture, you can achieve a “roomy” yet functional and complete room despite the size.

Here are helpful ideas to decorate and arrange furniture in small spaces for any plans you have in mind. Are you going to make it as a bedroom? Study room? Any way, decorate it on your own with the help of this tips:

  • Paint the room light, preferably neutral colors. This way, you can create an illusion of space. Avoid using different colors especially dark ones. Don’t paint the ceiling that is in contrast with the wall’s paint. It will make the room a lot smaller. If you really want to add some dark color, you can use it as border accent.
  • Select the right furnishings. This is the secret to create a functional small room. After all, what makes a room functional and efficient are the furnishings inside it. Expert says that when you furnish small room, select that size that matches the space. Are you really going to get a queen sized bed for room appropriate for a full sized bed? The furniture design is also important. Note that traditionally styled furniture tends to be bulkier since it has ornate design. This compared to contemporary styled furniture that carries a clean cut and sleek design perfect for small spaces. In bed, platform bed style like the like the Dixon Bed pictured below is more of a practical choice because of its clean cut and straigforward design. Nexera is a leading manufacturer that offers contemporary styled furniture in wide selections.

    functional platform bed design with storage drawer

  • Arrange the furniture properly. Some contend that the most possible way to make a small space a lot roomier is to arrange the furniture inside it properly. It is indeed correct. Arranging furniture in such a way that it will divide the room’s space appropriately will make your room more functional and spacious. See image below. Which is more room yet functional? See how the bed’s arrangement affects the other furniture’s placement? You would certainly agree that arrangement A is far better.
  • Choose Multi-Functional Furniture. Bed with storage trundle instead of bed alone(See Dixon Bed). Bench with storage instead of a chair, ottoman that can be used as coffee table instead of coffee table or ottoman alone. And the list goes on…
  • Ensure the room is always Clutter-Free. Now, here is something that no one can argue about. Nothing beats a room that is clean and organized to render it more functional and will save space too.
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