The Odd Number Grouping Technique When Arranging Home Decor Accessories

For people who are not in the interior decoration field, odd number grouping technique would not ring a bell. Some would probably ask what it is anyway and how it is important with decorating the house. But, odd number grouping is one of the most fail safe techniques to decorate an interior especially when arranging home accessories. It is even more than just a rule of thumb but a standard to follow. After all, arranging home decor accessories can create a beautiful display and backdrop for the room. When displaying collectibles especially with antiques, this technique should also be followed.

So what is an odd number grouping technique? Simply, this is the method of grouping items in an odd number of group. Yes, in three’s, five’s, seven’s and so forth. This would also mean that you must place the item in high, medium and low or biggest to lowest arrangement within an imaginary triangle. (Related to arranging flowers to create a “hell, earth and heaven” positioning level which means that there must be a peak-heaven, middle-earth and low-hell level)

Moreover, odd number grouping is used to make each piece stand out making it well-organized. On the contrary, even number groupings, such as a pair or group of four, tend to make the group look over-decorated and leaves a clutter feel to the area although symmetrical arrangement or pairings will work in a formal room set-up.

Aesthetically-wise, odd numbering is more flattering. Have you observed how landscape artist group plants, trees and other shrubs into odd groupings? Even marketers know this that’s why you can never really see a price tag with an even amount such as 2 dollars but always ending in odd numbers like 7.99 instead of 8? This can be said that indeed, odd number grouping is a type of arrangement that is more pleasing to the eyes.

So when you buy home decor accessories, be sure to purchase it in odd number or arrange it in your house with this technique.

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